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Classic Bikes

Classic motorcycles are more than just a hobby; they’re a lifestyle. When you own one of these nostalgic and much-sought-after bikes, you can be proud that you’re riding a machine that’s drenched in history.

What defines a classic motorbike?

Whether your motorbike is a classic, vintage or future classic bike depends on a number of factors; primarily, its age.

Although it doesn’t really matter which category you place your bike in, insurers will have their own rules when determining how much to charge you for your premiums. We have a panel of insurance partners who specialise in classic bike insurance.

If your bike is between 20 to 30-years-old, it’s usually considered eligible for classic motorbike insurance. A motorbike over 30-years-old is typically best suited for a vintage motorbike insurance. A bike aged between 10 to 20-years-old is usually considered a future classic.

What are the benefits of classic motorbike insurance?

It’s common knowledge that insurance plays an essential role in having a motorbike. No matter which bike you have, you need to find a suitable insurance policy. As the owner of a classic motorbike, it makes sense to find a policy that perfectly complements your vehicle’s age, usage and value. That’s where classic motorbike insurance comes in.

If you take the time to compare different insurance policies before selecting the one for you, you’re likely to find a suitable policy - don’t worry, Compare My Bike Insurance will help save you time and effort in comparing. Many classic policies offer agreed value or provide salvage retention rights - ensuring you get your pride and joy back where it belongs!

Are there different levels of classic motorbike insurance cover?

When insuring a classic motorbike, there are different levels of cover to choose from, just as there is when you’re insuring a modern vehicle.

The three levels of cover are:

Third party only

This is the minimum level of cover required by law. Third party only covers you for any damages experienced by other road users as a result of an accident involving you and your vehicle. With this level of cover, you and your motorbike won’t be covered.

Third party, fire and theft

Third party, fire and theft is a type of cover which offers the same as above but with the reassurance that if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire, you’re also covered.


Comprehensive cover is the highest level you can get and covers you for all of the above, including accidental damage to your motorbike which is deemed your fault. Before selecting the policy of your choice, be sure to click through to the provider's website to learn about additional benefits such as personal accident cover; helmet and leathers; and excess protection.