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Commuter Bikes

Commuting by motorbike can be a great way to get to work each day. You can save time, money and stress. It’s easier to get through traffic and you’ll help to lessen your impact on the environment.

When commuting by motorcycle, it’s crucial that you find the right bike insurance for your vehicle and situation. After all, your usage will be taken into account when insurers assess your premiums and so this will be reflected in your policy.

What type of insurance do we compare for commuter bikes?

Here at Compare My Bike Insurance, we compare a wide choice of motorbike insurance policies designed for riders who use their bikes for commuting.

We’ll present you with a selection of policies and give you the all-important details at a glance so that you can make an informed choice before selecting the right policy for you.

Commuter bike insurance policies are very similar to other types of motorbike insurance, in that there are three main levels of cover.

These include the following:

  • Third party - This is the most basic level of cover. It will protect third parties in the event of an accident
  • Third party, fire and theft - This mid-level of cover offers the same protection as the aforementioned tier, with added protection in the event that your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire
  • Comprehensive - This is the most advanced level of cover. It offers the same benefits as the options above and in addition covers damage to your own motorbike, even if the accident was your fault

What’s included in the commuter bike insurance policies we compare?

Our panel of trustworthy insurers offer a wide range of benefits. These often include UK breakdown cover, Homestart, Legal protection, and if you need it European Breakdown. Please select your chosen additional extras when getting a quote. Before selecting the policy of your choice, be sure to click through to the provider's website to learn about additional benefits such as personal accident cover; helmet and leathers; and excess protection.