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Moped Insurance

Whether you have a modern moped, an older model, a modified moped or an import, it’s wise to compare a few insurance policies before selecting the one for your vehicle. This is where we can help. With Compare My Bike Insurance, you can compare the most important details from a variety of moped insurance providers all in one place before selecting the right one for you.

Are there different levels of moped insurance cover?

Moped insurance shares many similarities with other types of road vehicle cover. For example, the main choices available include:

  • Third party only cover - in the event of an accident, this will just cover the costs payable to the third party
  • Third party, fire and theft cover - this level offers the same cover as above but with additional piece of mind if your moped is stolen or damaged by fire
  • Comprehensive cover - this level of cover is the highest option available and will cover all the benefits above as well as any damage to your moped which is your fault

Moped insurance specialists

At Compare My Bike Insurance, we’ll do everything we can to help you find and select the right moped insurance policy for your vehicle. No matter what type of moped you own, we’ll help you find suitable cover for your pride and joy.


How will my premiums be calculated?

Most moped insurance providers will determine their moped insurance policies in the same way that they calculate policies for other road vehicles.

Insurers will look at everything from your moped’s age and model to the frequency that you ride it. If you only ride your moped on the weekend, your premium is likely to be much lower than if you were to commute on it daily.

You may face higher premiums if your moped has been modified or is of a certain age.

What’s included in your moped insurance policy?

At Compare My Bike Insurance, we compare insurance policies from an extensive panel of trustworthy insurers, each offering a range of benefits. You can choose from a selection of benefits, or just opt for basic insurance cover - it’s up to you.

Before selecting the policy of your choice, be sure to click through to the provider's website to learn about additional benefits such as personal accident cover; helmet and leathers; and excess protection.